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Road Trip! And then there were 3.

After 15 months of managing Covid at my workplace, I was in desperate need of a break. Any break. Something that wasn’t work. I like my work, but keeping over 100 people safe and healthy during a pandemic, along with keeping work actually happening, wears on a person. Super Husband passed on this trip so member of Excellent Ground Crew (EGC) was recruited. This was not difficult. She and I have literally travelled the world together. Egypt, Jordan, France, UK, Caribbean, USA and Disney parks on 2 continents, plus she came when I met Mav. We travel well together. She jumped at the trip. This is a completely random picture of Mav. Inserted to act as the main photo for the blog post that appears. But he’s so handsome these days it must be shared, or I may still be biased. I am quite biased.

A plan was made to drive to Alberta to see what horses were available from Mav's breeder and meet the new babies. It’s 1000 km+ and 10.5 hours from my place so not a short distance. It also passes over some of the highest mountain roads in Canada. And I forgot to mention the forest fires. Only a week or so before we left, fires had shut down the main highways. It was touch and go but all highways were open and there was no travel advisory in place at our leaving time. We were thus surprised to see fire at the side of the road during the trip with helicopters dropping water. All was fine tho, no minor issues like forest fires or smoke stopped us. I was not technically shopping for a horse, but thought if something really caught my eye, we could explore options. EGC was not shopping. She also has a senior guy who lives with my senior girl, Blue, at our great friends place. On the way, kind of, was the Icefields Parkway. Which is a scenic drive, considered one of the worlds nicest, through Banff and Jasper national parks. We decided to knock that one off the list on this trip.

We set off midday on Friday after EGC was done work and drove about 6 hours Which set us up nicely to drive the parkway the following day (Just a 3 hour drive from where we stayed). We had the best possible weather and it was stunning scenery everywhere.

we also saw some big trees! And took some selfies.

The next day, we were only an hour from our destination and headed out to the fields to meet the mares and babies.

First we met Mavs mom! She followed us around for a while and was very friendly. She has been empty since Mav but we all still hope for one more.

And his dad. Living the good life with the girls and his youngsters.

We saw the one I had wanted to meet. A Friesian / Morgan colt. He is quite lovely. Both the babies are available so if interested I’d be happy to put you in touch!

I like him a great deal, but would really like to see him in another year if he’s still there. Babies are so hard for me to evaluate. Then a Warlander colt (Friesian/Andalusian). He was also lovely!

After a quick lunch, which was not expected! I sat on the Andalusian / Morgan mare. she is 7 and a solid 15.1. Also available! She has done many many trail rides and work but nothing with what I’ll call Dressage Contact. She was confused, but tried hard. She would be a great horse for someone! I am 5’2” for reference, but I am mostly legs

Next on the also available list is Kit! A 2 yr old currently in that 2 yr old awkward stage that everyone loves. This guy is full brother to the Friesian/Morgan baby above and his other full brother (older) was sold to a dressage home last year. I really liked the older brother, but he wasn’t for sale when I got Mav. It all works out.

Kit is, I’d say, about 15.1 right now. Likely mature around 16h.

Here is where things get interesting. The last two to see are a 2 yr old and a yearling. The yearling we had seen as a 2 month old last year. The 2 year old had made its way back there after growing too much for the owners. While surprised by that, not unhappy to meet her.

EGC bonded with this one instantly. It was weird. I’ve seen her with many horses but this one literally chose her. She is not a mare fan. She likes jumping. She just spent a year looking for a job when Covid took her really nice airline industry job away. A horse now was not in her plan. Long story short, she figured out a way to get her and is now the proud owner of a 2 yr old and looking forward to the future!

last, but not least, was the yearling. Also in yearling phase. But she had great bone and was correct. She will be a big strong mare. Then we had her move. Oh oh. This one is speaking to me.

As a baby with a less gawky look.

This one is calling out my name. Not as quiet as the 2 yr old but that’s a good thing for upper level dressage. Is she a leg flinger? No. Is she so uphill that she’s practically sitting? No. Is she a lovely big mover with a sweet personality I think I’d like to work with? Yes.

I like this one. More than the rest I saw today, and I saw some nice ones. I talk to Super Husband and make a deal for her. She may be a resale, she may be added to the family, she may be a lot of things. But she’s mine right now. Therefore, I formally introduce Freddie to everyone! She is named after her breeders grandfather so that stays. After much deliberation, and listening to queen songs, it looks like we landed on Magnifique-O as her official name. Spelled differently because, well, nothing is literal and we thought it looks nicer.

Freddie will stay where she is to grow up for now. As will EGC 2 yr old. Likely they will both come to BC in a year or so and we will go from there. So suddenly, I go from 2 to 3 horses. Although we never seem to count Blue, who is going to be 27 soon. I may be completely insane, but I’m happy.

Our two girls hanging out.

Mav you ask? He’s back in full work and feeling the fall air! Growing hair and hoof back in and living the good life. Oh and he continues to stand at the back gate always hopeful he goes out that way. For out that way be grass.

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